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Application for public entertainment or similar activities


No person shall hold a public showexhibitionsmall games, a fair, a tombola or any other public entertainment or similar activity in any street, on any special or specific day or days without a permit from the Local Council.
Applications must be submitted by not later than one month before the day or the first day, as the case may be, or within any other time as established by the Local Council.

Where a Local Council receives an application under the regulation the Local Council shall, not later than two working days from the receipt of an application for any such permit, and in any case not later than two weeks before the event is due to be held, forward a copy of such application to the Commissioner of Police.
The Local Council shall on issuing the permit attach the condition to this permit as notified to the Local Council by the Commissioner of Police, provided that the Commissioner of Police may, for reasons of public order, public safety or public morality, stop or suspend any permit issued under this regulation.
No permit shall be issued for those activities which according to the Act require only a permit from the Commissioner of Police.

An application shall be accompanied by:

- a description of the activity to be organised;
the day or days for which the permit is being requested;
- a site-plan indicating the area where the activity is to take place as mentioned in subregulation;
- a copy of all permits required under any law;
- in the case of street lighting decorations, applicant must submit a certificate from a licensed electrician that the apparatus to be used is in a good state of repair and free from any danger;
- the Local Council shall have the right to order the removal of mobile generators if it results that the apparatus is causing any inconvenience to third parties due to excessive noise or fumes;
- an applicant shall be held responsible for any damages sustained by third parties by the use of any generator.

Applications need to be done directly at the respective local council.

For a comprehensive list of local councils please refer here

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