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Banking of hoursIn all sectors, whether these sectors are covered by a Wages Council Wage Regulation Order or not, the employer may introduce schemes to bank hours, whereby up to 376 hours of the normal annual

Reduced hoursFull-time employment with reduced hours is employment in respect of which social security contributions are payable and when the employee agrees with his/her employer to work less hours than

TeleworkingTelework is an important step forward towards better family friendly conditions of employment. With the evolution of information technology certain work that is usually performed at the employer’s


Who is to be considered a Part-time Employee?

part-time employee is one whose normal hours of work, calculated on a weekly basis or on an average over a period of employment

Shift-WorkThere is an entitlement to shift allowance in certain Wage Regulation Orders. One should check the respective W.R.O about any such entitlements. Ad hoc arrangements may also


The normal hours of work for full-time employment and the maximum hours for part-time work vary according to the relevant sector of industry. These are established in Wage Regulation

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