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Regulation on prohibition of mass events

L.N. 78 of 2021


(CAP. 465)

Organised Mass Events Regulations, 2021

IN EXERCISE of the powers conferred by article 26 of thePublic Health Act, the Minister responsible for public health, afterconsultation with the Superintendent of Public Health, has made thefollowing regulations:


1.The title of these regulations is the Organised Mass EventsRegulations, 2021.

Measures regarding permissible organised mass events.

2. (1) All organised mass events shall be prohibited exceptfor weddings and religious events.
(2) In the case of weddings and religious events, the followingrequirements shall be adhered to:(a) the maximum capacity of attendees shall not exceedone (1) person per four (4) square metres of the space where theevent is to be organised; and(b) attendees may gather in groups not exceeding six (6)persons, with a two (2) metre distance to be retained between onegroup of six (6) persons and another:Provided that the number of attendees for an eventpermissible under these regulations shall not exceed one hundred(100) persons for indoor venues and three hundred (300) personsfor outdoor venues:Provided further that the use of dance floors shall beprohibited in events permissible under these Regulations:Provided further that any event permissible underthese Regulations shall not be a stand up event.Provided further that the organizer of a weddingpermissible under these regulations shall keep records of allpersons attending the event and make these available to thehealth authorities, if so requested. Penalties and fines. 3.Any event organiser who acts in breach of theseregulations, including the case where an event organiser organises a mass event which is not permitted under these regulations, shall beguilty of an offence and shall, on conviction, be liable to the paymentof a penalty of six thousand euro (€6,000) for each and every occasionon which these regulations are breached.

Date of remaining in force and transitory provision.

4.These regulations shall remain in force until 11 April 2021and shall be considered repealed after this date:Provided that the repeal of the said regulations shall notaffect any act, decision, action and, or proceedings taken in relation toany breach of these regulations.

Repeal and transitory provision.S.L. 465.47.5.
The Organized Public Mass Events Regulations are herebyrepealed by these regulations:Provided that the Organised Public Mass Events Regulationsshall remain in force for the purpose of any act, decision, action orproceedings taken in respect of any breach of the said repealedregulations that occurred or were instituted under the Organised PublicMass Events Regulations.

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